Harnessing natural resources in Glen Eira

Glen Eira resident, Luise, has been interested in powering her home by solar for many years but was put off by the costs and uncertainty in the industry’s early days. Fast-forward to 2020, and Luise’s interest in ‘harnessing natural resources’ has been realised as she recently installed rooftop solar through the Solar Savers program.

For Luise, the benefits of the Solar Savers program were clear: ‘all of those difficult decisions, [Solar Savers had] already thought about, so I didn’t need to think about them as well’. With so much information online, on the tv and in the newspapers, it can be difficult to navigate the world of solar and decide what’s best for your home. Luise explained to us ‘knowing that people with more expertise than me had been thinking about these things’ made the process and decision to install solar easy. On top of this, the partnership between her local council and Solar Savers gave her further reassurance.

Along with installing solar, minimising waste and sharing resources was important to Luise, who recently started mulching food waste to use on her garden, and is involved in Glen Eira Food Swaps. To see what other sustainability initiatives your council is involved in, visit their website and look for the environment or sustainability tab!

Luise first heard about Solar Savers through an advertisement in the Glen Eira News. Luise thought this was a great opportunity, knowing that there was a "partnership" between Solar Savers and her local council.

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