Solar a sweet choice for this small business

Choice Cakes and Decorating Centre is a family owned business that has stood the test of time. Fred and Landy purchased the Chirnside Park business almost 30 years ago and it has been a proud supplier of cake decorating products ever since. 

Choice Cakes is now managed by Fred’s daughter, Tanja, and operates as a retail store selling cake ingredients, decorating tools and equipment. They also make special occasion cakes to order and run cake decorating classes. A few locals also enjoy popping in for their regular coffee and a sweet treat!

When Fred heard about the Solar Savers program through Yarra Ranges Council, he was keen to find out more about how solar could benefit his small business and community. For Fred it was about reducing dependence on the grid, saving money, and decreasing pollution. 

After the initial consultation and quoting process, Fred decided on a 10.12 kW system for the Choice Cakes premises. Solar is an ideal option for businesses that have high energy needs during the day, when solar panels are generating electricity. This is true for Choice Cakes which needs to power a range of equipment – including the cool room, refrigerators and freezer, coffee machine, lighting, and reverse cycle air conditioner. 

While Fred had been contacted by other solar companies, he felt confident using Solar Savers’ trusted installer; “The installation process ran very smoothly. We were very happy with it.”

As for the cost savings, Fred is looking forward to recouping his investment over time, with his solar likely to provide significant long-term savings compared with buying electricity from the grid alone. 

We wish Choice Cakes and Decorating Centre all the best for the next 30 years and thank Fred and his family business for being a part of the clean energy movement.

Tanja and Fred from Choice Cakes and Decorating Centre are benefitting from solar for their small business.

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