Boroondara Councillor practices what he preaches

Wes Gault is a Councillor at Boroondara and a passionate advocate for home electrification.  Wes and wife, Jane, recently moved to a mid-century home in Kew and were keen to make some energy saving upgrades. As a Council backed program, Wes intrinsically turned to Solar Savers to assist with rooftop solar installation.

For Wes and Jane, having solar installed was first and foremost an environmental decision. As chair of Council’s Climate Action Plan Advisory Committee and a member of Electrify Boroondara, Wes knows the positive impact that Australian households can make in reducing greenhouse emissions and working towards a safer climate future. 

Along with the environmental benefits, Wes sees his 10.4kW system as a financial investment, with an anticipated payback period of around four to five years. By using his solar to power his household appliances, home office, heat pump hot water system, and charge his electric vehicle, Wes hopes the savings will soon add up. He has already seen a significant reduction in his electricity bills in the short time since his solar was installed. 

Like us here at Solar Savers, Wes would love to see as many households as possible make the switch to clean renewable energy. To find out more about Electrify Boroondara head to:

Cr Wes Gault has turned to solar for his home and is passionate about promoting home electrification
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