All-electric unit goes solar in Merri-bek

Rosalie lives in a 1970s two-bedroom Brunswick West unit and has been thinking about going solar for some time. Her parents were early solar adopters so it has been on her radar for a while. She often thought, “I should get on to that..”, knowing that solar was a sound investment and the way the world was going in terms of renewable energy. 

Rosalie took the plunge when she came across the Solar Savers program in the Merri-bek Council newsletter. She felt confident using a council-backed program and trusted that Merri-bek, who has a strong reputation in this space, would have done their homework.

Rosalie opted for a 7.2kW system to service her all-electric unit, making it fully powered by renewable energy during the day. Even though she is a single-person household the bigger system size meant that she could meet her daily energy demands and feed any excess back to the grid for a credit (known as a feed-in tariff). 

For Rosalie, “it’s nice to feel like you’re getting something back” and she’s looking forward to an even greater return in the summer months. 

Rosalie found that installing solar through Solar Savers “made it very, very easy” and her message to others is that “if you’ve got the means to do it, it’s a good investment.

Rosalie and her solar-powered all-electric unit
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