A fantastic installation process and reduced energy bills in Merri-bek

Anna had been interested in solar for a while, but knew the benefits are greatest if you use energy during the daytime. She shared with Solar Savers that she thought, now I’m retired, I will be at home to use energy during the daytime so [solar panels] are a good idea.” 

Being a single person household, Anna felt it might be too expensive. When she received a letter from Merri-bek Council notifying her about the Solar Savers program and the Council subsidy available to low-income households, this encouraged her to get a quote. Anna really enjoyed the solar installation process. With the Solar Savers process, everything happened in stages and whoever was involved in that stage helped explain to me what to do. I thought applying for the state government rebate would be too overwhelming but everyone helping at different stages and the time in between made it easy!” 

Anna is already noticing the benefits to her energy bills. “My latest bill is just as [the installers] told me: a 60% reduction in electricity cost. I’ve got ceiling fans and air-con and usually I would wait until I’m boiling to use it [but] now I can use it during the day in the summer without worrying.”

Anna provided some great feedback on her solar journey, "it's been a great experience right from the beginning until the end of the paperwork. It's been fantastic."

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