A sustainable energy transition in Maribyrnong

Peter from Yarraville went solar for environmental reasons, but has also “saved a tonne.” Peter’s main driver for installing solar was environmental sustainability, and he was originally skeptical of the economic savings. He studied electrical engineering at Uni, so was already clued up about how solar works. Despite this initial skepticism, he advised “I was proved wrong, we’ve saved a tonne going solar.”

Peter decided to get a quote through Solar Savers, because he “felt that as the provider had gone through the tender process with the councils they were more likely to be a reliable company. I also liked that the installer does commercial jobs, which gave me confidence as it shows they are in it for the long term.”

Peter had a 6kW, 18-panel system installed. He reported the installers couldn’t have done anything better. “When the installers came out, they were so professional. Four installers came out on site and I was very confident that they could complete the job safely and quickly. The panels were installed on the east and west which means they get all of the morning sun and all of the afternoon sun, which has worked out really well.”

Peter and his partner have modified their energy consumption to make the most of their system. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, they both work at home and choose to switch on most of their electricity appliances during the daytime. This has enabled them to save 55% off their bill from installing solar. Peter said he would recommend others install solar through Solar Savers without hesitation. He advised “the fact that we are generating rather than consuming, from an environmental perspective is significant.”

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