Casey resident getting ahead of energy prices with solar!

Casey resident, Steve, with his rooftop solar

We touched base with Casey resident, Steve, a few months after his solar installation to find out about his experience with the Solar Savers Program and how his new solar system was going.

Steve told us he’d heard about the Solar Savers Program through a post on the Casey Council Facebook page and he decided to give us a call to find out more.

Steve was looking into solar as his electricity charges were “getting so excessive and only going to continue to go up!”.

Steve was happy with the quote provided and decided not to seek any other quotes. He found that the quality of information was very good – “detailed but understandable” and the plans, equipment, specs, etc. were all there for him to review.

Steve felt he was kept in the loop throughout the solar installation process and found it to be a lot quicker than he’d originally anticipated. Steve found the only delay was with having his system connected to the grid, “but it was one of those things that couldn’t be sped up”.

We asked Steve if he had noticed any changes in those excessive energy bills and he replied, “Definitely! Well and truly halved what they were prior to installation”. Steve’s only complaint was that he’d like more sun to shine in the winter months!

Steve has also taken further steps to improve the energy efficiency and amenity of his home by installing two reverse cycle air conditioning units for heating and cooling.

We asked Steve if he would recommend solar to family and friends, and he replied, “Have done!”. And when we asked if he would recommend the Solar Savers program he said, “Definitely, it saved us a fortune and everything was done for us – that was the best part!”.


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