The Solar Savers Team – taking the hard work out of solar

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Carol and Anna are the face of Solar Savers. Their job is to make solar simple for households.

They’ll start by checking whether solar is the right choice for you, making sure that the savings stack up for your household. There are no pushy sales tactics–just clear and unbiased information.

If you decide to install solar, Carol and Anna will be there to support you every step of the way. They know solar inside out, so they can answer your questions and even help with the tricky stuff, like organising quotes or following up on a bank loan application

iEnergytech–designing and installing your solar system


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A safe, long-lasting solar system needs quality installation. That’s why we’ve chosen the award-winning company iEnergytech to install solar systems for Solar Savers. The staff at iEnergytech take the time to do it right, treating your home and solar system like it’s their own.

Once you’ve approved a quote, an iEnergytech engineer carefully finalises the design of your solar system, using satellite images to plan the best approach for your home.

Next, iEnergytech pack all the parts of your new solar system, choosing only the highest quality components, from the solar panels right down to the screws. The safety switches– often the weakest point in a solar system–are carefully assembled in-house to meet exacting standards.

Once your solar system is installed, iEnergytech submits all the paper work to your electricity company and prepares a customised manual with everything you need to know about your solar system.

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