Solar Savers $500 discount offer

The Solar Savers program has relaunched with installer, Specialized Solar and Electrical. To celebrate, we’re offering a $500 discount on the installation of a new Solar PV system – with or without a battery. To get started,  register your interest with Solar Savers:

Discount Offer Eligibility Criteria

The discount is available to all homeowners in participating Council areas until exhausted. Homes will be assessed for solar panel suitability through a free Discovery Consultation with Specialized Solar and Electrical.

If your home is suitable for solar, a personalised quote will be provided that includes expected energy bill savings. If available, and your council is offering the discount, the $500 discount will be shown on your quote.

Residents with a Pensioner Concession Card will be prioritised for the $500 Discount to support the whole community to access the benefits of solar power.